Introduce Books with Texture and Noise

Books with Texture (2)

Veronika already has a few books in her library that feature texture and noise, but I gifted her with a few new ones because she can approach them in a different way these days: reading solo! Interactive touch and sound will keep a seven-month-old happily entertained, even if you’re busy getting things done around the house, or on the go.

But first we read them together, of course. She loved the bright pictures and her fingers immediately went for textural elements, like soft fur or shiny metal.

Books with Texture (1)

I pressed each sound button, which got a look of wonder from her each time, and described what she was hearing and seeing.

Books with Texture (4)

Pretty soon, she was flipping through the pages and narrating this book to herself – a sight that makes my heart stop every time!

Books with Texture (8)

I also bought a smaller book that’s perfect for car rides or stroller rides. The soft pages fit in her hands perfectly.

Books with Texture (5)

Some pages rattle and some crinkle.

Books with Texture (6)

The first time through, I described these sounds, and the textures she could feel like the soft fluffy cover. She will happily “read” this one to herself for ages.

Books with Texture (7)

What interactive books does your baby like? Please share in the comments!

Books with Texture (3)