Fishy F

Fishy F alt

Today Travis and I focused on the letter F, tracing it first and then making it 3-D in two ways.

For the first, we raided daddy’s non-vegan pantry of snack foods, and used fish (goldfish crackers, that is). I drew lower case f on construction paper, and┬áTravis loved making a big line of glue and sticking on the fishy friends.

Fishy F (1)

We used blue paper and I encouraged him to color in an ocean scene behind the fish, but he decided he didn’t want to.

Fishy F (2)

For upper case F, we used a few forest finds from a walk. Once we were home, I laid out two short sticks and one long.

Fishy F (3)

“I can do this!” he declared with confidence, and in no time had formed an F.

Fishy F (4)See you soon for G!


Dinner Games with Baby

Dinner Guest (3)

Dinnertime doesn’t have to be difficult with a baby… Just strategic! Here are two simple ideas that I have found helpful in keeping Veronika entertained, both during meal prep and during the meal itself.

If you’re cooking for grown-ups or older siblings, that’s the perfect time to park your baby in the high chair. Right around 20 minutes before mealtime, Veronika gets fussy. Once she’s seated, she can enjoy watching the action while I narrate her through the cooking motions. Better yet, I make her my taste tester!

Taste Test (3)

Thanks to Baby Led Weaning, I’m not afraid to offer Veronika foods that aren’t “baby foods.” She can handle soft-cooked pasta pieces as I prepare a larger batch.

Taste Test (1)

Or I scatter about a few pieces of breakfast cereal (or try those very popular puffs). Veronika loves being my “tester” as I prep around her!

Taste Test (2)

When it’s time to eat, we invite a friend to dinner. Bring along a toy that’s easily wiped clean, and make it a special dinner guest.

Dinner Guest (5)

The first time we played this game, I showed Veronika how to “feed” the toy.

Dinner Guest (6)

Pretty soon she was cutely mimicking the motion!

Dinner Guest (9)

She loved having the company, and when she grew bored of the food, she could play with the toy!

Dinner Guest (7)

This is a great way to give yourself or big kids time to finish the meal before having to whisk baby off for a cleaning.

Dinner Guest (8)

How do you entertain baby in the kitchen? Please share in the comments!

Dinner Guest (10)