Easy E

Easy E (5)

For lack of a better title, today Travis and I made Es with two easy materials (straws and string)… But it turns out they were quite tricky to master!

First we traced big E and little e, and then I presented him with 4 straws; 3 were short, and 1 was long.

Easy E (1)

At first, he added the short straws to the long one in a rather slapdash way.

Easy E (2)

He traces E this way sometimes, too, so I challenged him to look closer at the E in his tracing book. Aha! One short line comes from the top, one from the bottom, and one from the middle.

Easy E (3)

Making little e with another easy material (string) was even harder. He got frustrated figuring out how to twist it in just the right way, until I provided direction.

Easy E (4)

What material would you make an E? Please share in the comments!

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