Height H

Height H (6).JPG

Travis and I focused on the letter H today; it’s one of the first that he mastered, so tracing was a no-brainer for this one. But then we played around with the concept of  an h word (“height”) to form both the upper case and lower case.

Heigh H (2)

First, I set out a variety of Legos in different heights for him. It was up to him to decide how they needed to be combined to form an H, using two longer and one shorter. Hmm, not quite right…

Height H (1)


Height H (3)

Next, we played up the concept of height even more by using a ruler for the line of lower case h.

Height H (4)

A sock makes the curve, for a fun final result. He needed no help from me on this one!

Height H (5)


Rocking Horse Ride

Rock a Baby (3)

At almost eight months old, it was high time to take Veronika on her first rocking horse ride (or, in our case, a rocking lion!). As long as your little one can sit up unaided, he or she is ready for a ride.

First, I introduced her to the rocking lion.

Rock a Baby (5)

She was quite intrigued by this strange new creature!

Rock a Baby (6)

Then it was time to saddle up. Even though she can sit unsupported, I made sure to hold her firmly around the waist as she rocked back and forth.

Rock a Baby (1)

As you rock, sing fun songs for your little one. I sang “Giddy-Up Whoa Pony!” to her, as well as the gentler “Rock-a-Bye Baby”.

Rock a Baby (2)

Don’t be surprised if big siblings want a ride!

Rock a Baby (7)