Rocking Horse Ride

Rock a Baby (3)

At almost eight months old, it was high time to take Veronika on her first rocking horse ride (or, in our case, a rocking lion!). As long as your little one can sit up unaided, he or she is ready for a ride.

First, I introduced her to the rocking lion.

Rock a Baby (5)

She was quite intrigued by this strange new creature!

Rock a Baby (6)

Then it was time to saddle up. Even though she can sit unsupported, I made sure to hold her firmly around the waist as she rocked back and forth.

Rock a Baby (1)

As you rock, sing fun songs for your little one. I sang “Giddy-Up Whoa Pony!” to her, as well as the gentler “Rock-a-Bye Baby”.

Rock a Baby (2)

Don’t be surprised if big siblings want a ride!

Rock a Baby (7)


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