Four Senses Sensory Fun

Beyond Senses (13).JPG

Today, Veronika and I engaged nearly all five of her senses with easy games. Can you spot which sense we missed?


Instead of presenting Veronika with something to feel in her hands, it was time to kick with her feet! Tape a piece of tissue paper up on a wall, and lie your baby comfortably on his or her back.

Beyond Senses (1)

Baby won’t need any instruction before kicking away!

Beyond Senses (2)

Veronika seemed startled by the different position, but soon was busily kicking her feet. This one is also great for the sense of hearing, since the tissue makes fantastic crinkles.

And okay, she wanted to have at the tissue with her hands once upright.

Beyond Senses (3)


To make a sight sensory bottle, I filled an empty water bottle with bold visuals: cut up plastic straws and bright pieces of Lego fit the bill.

Beyond Senses (6)

Fill until about 3/4 full with water. You can twist on the cap securely, or hot glue for added safety.

Beyond Senses (7)

Veronika loved rolling this one along the ground!


To make a sound sensory bottle, I chose clickity clackaty items. Dried “little ears” pasta were perfect (though the double-meaning was lost on Veronika), as were plastic craft beads and a few buttons. Dried rice or beans would work well too!

Beyond Senses (5)

This one she loved shaking, especially if I sang a few lines of a favorite melody.

Beyond Senses (8)


Break out the tea bags! I presented Veronika with an assortment of tea, all quite strongly scented: peppermint, chamomile, raspberry (or any other fruity blend) and ginger all fit the bill.

Beyond Senses (9)

Be careful, because her inclination was to grab the bags and taste, but I made sure these only made it as far as her nose.

Beyond Senses (10)

Some she seemed to enjoy, and others got a very confused reaction!

Beyond Senses (12)

So which sense did we forget? No tasting this time around!


Exploring the Night Sky

Explore Night (1)

It can feel funny sometimes to teach a baby about celestial objects – the stars, the moon, planets – because they are rarely awake to see nighttime! Especially here in the summer, Veronika is asleep long before stars come out or the moon shines.

If your child also sleeps before dark, have fun pointing out these night objects in books instead! Today, instead of reading the words, I sang star and moon poems as we turned each page of a favorite book.

Explore Night (3)

When we came to a star, I pointed and sang:

Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky.

Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are.

And here’s a rhyme to go with the moon page:

I see the moon

And the moon sees me

As is floats so high

Over mommy and me

I see the stars

And the stars see me

As they shine in the sky

Over Daddy and me

Explore Night (4)

You can also point out stars wherever you may have them around the house. Veronika is transfixed by our nightlight.

Explore Night (5)

We tried going outside just before bedtime, but the sky was indeed still light.

Explore Night (6)

But then wouldn’t you know it; an unusually fussy bedtime had Veronika up later than usual, and look what was peeking at us just before she slept.

Explore Night (8)

Meanwhile, we’ll wait for the impending shorter days of autumn and winter, when I can truly take her out to marvel at these wonders of the night sky.

Explore Night (7)

Laundry in the Fast Lane

Laundry Games (1)

It’s getting harder to keep Veronika entertained while I do laundry,┬áso today I upped the ante; instead of seating her next to me with her own laundry center, I put her right in the laundry basket!

Laundry Games (8)

She instantly was intrigued with her new surroundings. To keep her occupied, I dropped in easy, small items – baby socks, washcloths – and soon she was playing happily with them.

Laundry Games (2)

Next I played a game of peekaboo, draping a small hand towel over her head and asking, “where’s Veronika?”

Laundry Games (3)

I lifted the towel for a big reveal: there she is! She loved this one.

Laundry Games (4)

Now it was time to turn the laundry basket into a car.

Laundry Games (7)

I zoomed her around, including back and forth to the dryer to check on a load, and announced “Pit stop!” when we came to a stop. These words got a giggle every time.

Laundry Games (6)

One note of caution: big siblings are going to think this looks so fun that they’ll want a turn! Needless to say, this is one way to take the drudgery out of laundry.

Laundry Games (9)

Create a Sensory Tunnel

Sensory Tunnel (8).JPG

Today, with big brother off to kindergarten (!), I had time for a bigger project than usual with Veronika. Using two old moving boxes from the garage, I opened up all the flaps and then nested them slightly one inside the other to form one long tunnel.

Sensory Tunnel (1)

Hmm, the box was intriguing, but Veronika didn’t head inside just yet.

Sensory Tunnel (2)

Next I poked three holes along the top. I stuffed in three socks, all with different patterns. One sock I left empty, one I stuffed with newspaper for a crinkly effect, and one had a musical rattle inside.

Sensory Tunnel (3)

Interestingly, the empty sock was her favorite. She loved trying to catch it and tug on it.

Sensory Tunnel (4)

She seemed quite determined to pull it all the way from the box, and was amazed every time it sprang back into place (Note: you can knot the socks at the top if needed, to keep them secure).

Sensory Tunnel (5)

I placed a few tantalizing toys inside (balls, cars), and finally that did the trick. In she goes!

Sensory Tunnel (7)

She looked absolute thrilled with her surroundings once inside, her own little fort! If you want, you could even make windows, but my boxes were a bit floppy and I skipped that step so that the tunnel didn’t cave in.

Sensory Tunnel (9)

She did also try lying on her back to kick at the socks, but preferred sitting up to play.

Sensory Tunnel (6)

What a fantastic morning of fun!

Pudding Painting

Pudding Paint (6)

Veronika is almost old enough to start making her first works of art, but there’s one problem with this girl: everything goes in her mouth! The solution, if your baby is the same, is edible paint.

Pudding Paint (1)

Today, I whipped up a batch of vanilla pudding (Whole Foods 365 is vegan). Let the pudding chill in the fridge, then add food coloring for “paint” colors.

Pudding Paint (2)

I gave Veronika a paint brush, which instantly made her look so proud; she’s seen big brother paint, and now it was her turn.

Pudding Paint (4)

Turn a little of the pudding paint out onto a highchair tray (or tape down paper, if you prefer) and let your little artist go to town.

Pudding Paint (5)

First she just made a few smears. Then she wanted to focus more on the paintbrush. Once the tip of it got in her mouth and she discovered the pudding was yummy…

Pudding Paint (7)

…her smile was priceless. Then she really got her hands into the mix.

Pudding Paint (11)

I showed her how to make circles and squares, plus a few letters.

Pudding Paint (8)

Soon we had green, where or blue and yellow “paints” had mixed.

Pudding Paint (10)

This was a fantastic foray into the world of art, as she nears 10 months old!


Pudding Paint (9)

Sticky Toys

Sticky Toys (4)

This cute game is a great way to test your baby’s “strength”. Veronika seemed to go wild for the slight effort involved, or perhaps just for the novelty of the way the toys were presented.

Use sticky contact paper or double-sided tape to cover part of the surface of a piece of cardboard.

Sticky Toys (2)

Arrange a few soft toys along the sticky surface and present to your little one. She immediately trotted over with interest.

Sticky Toys (3)

First Veronika seemed the most curious about the cardboard itself. She wanted to pick up the whole thing and wave it around.

Sticky Toys (5)

Then she seemed to become aware of the toys. I showed her how to lift one up – with a bit of effort – and stick it back on again. Note: You’ll notice that it helped to hold the cardboard in place for her with my feet!

Sticky Toys (6)

She was delighted when she gave a pull to ducky…

Sticky Toys (8)

…and was all grins for her big success one it was in her hands.

Sticky Toys (9)

In sum, an easy game that can entertain your baby for quite a while.

Sticky Toys (7)

Tube Talk

Tube Talk (4).JPG

Sometimes the best games with babies require only the simplest tools; to wit, this adorable little activity for which you only need an empty toilet paper roll or two!

I spoke through one and called out Veronika’s name, and she eagerly trotted over. This was something she had to come see.

Tube Talk (1)

I held the tube up to her ear and whispered a few words. She turned her head eager to see where the sound was coming from!

Tube Talk (2)

Of course she wanted to hold one immediately. She babbled down into it, which changed the sound of her vocalizations somewhat.

Tube Talk (3)

And of course nibbled on it.

Tube Talk (6)

Finally, I held the tube against the bare skin of her arm and spoke into it, which meant my warm breath reached her skin. There were lots of giggles for that one!

Tube Talk (5)

Develop Your Baby’s Taste Buds

Develop Taste Buds (1)

Veronika seems bored of the foods I’ve given her in varying combinations for the past few months. Today, it was time to test her taste buds! Some of these suggestions were items I wouldn’t have thought for a nine-month-old, but it turns out she could chew them just fine and loved quite a few!

The idea was to pair contrasts; think: something sweet with something savory, or something soft with something crunchy. This will help your baby discern differences in tastes and texture.

First we paired kiwi with Tofurky slices.

Develop Taste Buds (5)

The Tofurky was an instant hit! She ate nearly an entire slice. Kiwi she seemed confused by, perhaps too strongly citric.

Develop Taste Buds (6)

Next up was mango and Daiya cheddar cheese. Cheese, another food I wouldn’t have thought of this young, was also a huge hit.

Develop Taste Buds (3)

Then she nibbled happily on the mango for a while after.

Develop Taste Buds (4)

Finally, I paired a soft banana date square from a vegan bakery with a crunchy apple slice.

Develop Taste Buds (7)

She loved both, and had one in each fist for a while, alternating bites.

Develop Taste Buds (8)

In sum, this was a delightful taste test that expanded baby and mama’s sense of edible possibilities.

Baby Pull-Ups

Baby Pull Ups

Veronika will not be contained these days! Not only is she crawling everywhere now, but this girl wants to stand.

Encouraging pull-ups is a great first step towards helping your baby stand, cruise, and walk. To help Veronika, today I placed toys up as tantalizing bait on the couch. She still needs a little boost…

Baby Pull Ups (4)

…but once she’s up she can stand and support her weight and play with the toys as a reward.

Baby Pull Ups (3)

She also loves putting the toys back up on the couch herself.

Baby Pull Ups (2)

This activity works equally well on any surface that is about chest-high on your baby, although be careful with hard surfaces like tables that have sharp corners.

Baby Pull Ups (5)

It won’t be long though before she’s pulling up solo!

Summer Water with Baby

Hit the Beach (6).JPG

Recently, I posted a round-up of fun field trips to take with the under-one-year-old set before the summer is out. Here’s a second round-up featuring a few water-centered ideas that – yes! – you can do with a baby.

Turn on the sprinkler:

Sprinkler (1)

This is an easy one! Just head out to your yard or driveway, and set a sprinkler going. Bonus points for silly ones! Just dipping in baby’s toes is sure to elicit laughter or surprised little squeals.

Sprinkler (2).JPG

Find a water fountain:

Many parks have pretty fountains, which you can stop off at after a walk or playground play. In addition to being fun just to watch (splashy water!) you can quickly dip in baby’s toes for a cool off on a hot day.

Hit the beach:

I was worried about Veronika eating fistfuls of sand, so avoided the beach for much of the summer. But it turns out there’s a way to take even an everything-in-the-mouth nine-month-old to the beach safely.

First, bring shade. You’ll still want to slather your little one with sunscreen, but a large umbrella offers extra protection.

Hit the Beach (1)

Don’t forget to pack wipes, swim diapers, a change of dry diaper and clothes, plastic bags (for trash or wet clothing), and a nice sunhat.

Hit the Beach (2)

And toys!

Hit the Beach (3)

Beaches are the perfect place for a nap, so don’t worry about baby missing out on key shut-eye.

Once she was awake, first she wanted to play on a big beach towel.

Hit the Beach (4)

Then we took Veronika down to the water’s edge. Choose a beach with gentle water, whether that means a harbor, sound, lake, or other sandy stretch with few to no waves. She could happily sit and let the tiny waves lap at her toes.

Hit the Beach (5)

She did like digging her hands into the water and sand, but she only tried one nibble, which I easily diverted.

Hit the Beach (7)

In sum, I have no more fear about babies and beaches!

How have you and your baby played with water this summer? Please share in the comments!