Tube Talk

Tube Talk (4).JPG

Sometimes the best games with babies require only the simplest tools; to wit, this adorable little activity for which you only need an empty toilet paper roll or two!

I spoke through one and called out Veronika’s name, and she eagerly trotted over. This was something she had to come see.

Tube Talk (1)

I held the tube up to her ear and whispered a few words. She turned her head eager to see where the sound was coming from!

Tube Talk (2)

Of course she wanted to hold one immediately. She babbled down into it, which changed the sound of her vocalizations somewhat.

Tube Talk (3)

And of course nibbled on it.

Tube Talk (6)

Finally, I held the tube against the bare skin of her arm and spoke into it, which meant my warm breath reached her skin. There were lots of giggles for that one!

Tube Talk (5)

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