Develop Your Baby’s Taste Buds

Develop Taste Buds (1)

Veronika seems bored of the foods I’ve given her in varying combinations for the past few months. Today, it was time to test her taste buds! Some of these suggestions were items I wouldn’t have thought for a nine-month-old, but it turns out she could chew them just fine and loved quite a few!

The idea was to pair contrasts; think: something sweet with something savory, or something soft with something crunchy. This will help your baby discern differences in tastes and texture.

First we paired kiwi with Tofurky slices.

Develop Taste Buds (5)

The Tofurky was an instant hit! She ate nearly an entire slice. Kiwi she seemed confused by, perhaps too strongly citric.

Develop Taste Buds (6)

Next up was mango and Daiya cheddar cheese. Cheese, another food I wouldn’t have thought of this young, was also a huge hit.

Develop Taste Buds (3)

Then she nibbled happily on the mango for a while after.

Develop Taste Buds (4)

Finally, I paired a soft banana date square from a vegan bakery with a crunchy apple slice.

Develop Taste Buds (7)

She loved both, and had one in each fist for a while, alternating bites.

Develop Taste Buds (8)

In sum, this was a delightful taste test that expanded baby and mama’s sense of edible possibilities.


Baby Pull-Ups

Baby Pull Ups

Veronika will not be contained these days! Not only is she crawling everywhere now, but this girl wants to stand.

Encouraging pull-ups is a great first step towards helping your baby stand, cruise, and walk. To help Veronika, today I placed toys up as tantalizing bait on the couch. She still needs a little boost…

Baby Pull Ups (4)

…but once she’s up she can stand and support her weight and play with the toys as a reward.

Baby Pull Ups (3)

She also loves putting the toys back up on the couch herself.

Baby Pull Ups (2)

This activity works equally well on any surface that is about chest-high on your baby, although be careful with hard surfaces like tables that have sharp corners.

Baby Pull Ups (5)

It won’t be long though before she’s pulling up solo!

Gallant Challenge: Kindness Bracelet

Gallant Bracelet (2)

After reading this month’s Gallant profile in Highlights magazine¬†about a young girl who sends bracelets around the world with the message to do a kind deed, Travis was inspired to make bracelets of his own!

We had a kit at home to make bead bracelets on shoelaces (which were glow-in-the-dark for added fun). Older kids might enjoy weaving friendship bracelets or something else a touch more complicated.

Gallant Bracelet (1)

As he worked, Travis brainstormed who might like to receive one of the bracelets. Perhaps a waiter at a restaurant, he decided. Or his upcoming bus driver for Kindergarten!

Gallant Bracelet (3)

And of course family members! When he finished the first one for his grandmother, he was so proud.

Gallant Bracelet (4)

He presented it to her and explained that now she could do a kind deed to pay it forward, in whatever way she chose.

Gallant Bracelet (5)

This was such a simple activity, but such a great way to get kids crafting and thinking about the chain of events that can spread good deeds in the world. Thanks Highlights!