Make a Noise

Make a Noise (3)

Admittedly sometimes parents just want the kids to be quiet (is that even possible?) but likewise sometimes it’s great to encourage loud play. Babies and toddlers love banging things together for a reason; they reap an instant reward for their efforts, and they provide themselves with instant entertainment. You can help them get the loud out of their system with this quick-as-can-be game.

I took two of Veronika’s teacups and banged them together. That’s it! Then I handed them over.

Make a Noise (1)

She didn’t need to see it twice.

Make a Noise (2)

Soon she was tapping with glee…

Make a Noise (5)

…and occasionally eating the cups.

Make a Noise (6)

You could also play this game with two stacking cups, or any other two toys, really, but Veronika seemed to like the teacups best!

Make a Noise (4)


Quick Make & Play Edible Sensory Bottle

Edible Bottle (4)

This fantastically easy sensory bottle is quite possibly my new favorite thing in the world…and Veronika’s, too!

To set up the bottle, save any clear plastic juice bottle with a wide mouth and a lid you can screw on tightly.

I gave Veronika the bottle (which of course is a toy all by itself!) and set out a few easy-to-hold snacks in front of her, including Plum Organics super puffs and Earth’s Best letter of the day cookies (both vegan!).

Edible Bottle (1)

I showed her how to drop some of the snacks into the bottle, making a nice plink sound each time. She soon was following suit, with the added fun that she could nibble as she worked.

Edible Bottle (2)

Once she paused to enjoy the puffs, I filled the bottle a little further and put on the cap.

Edible Bottle (3)

Now it was a sensory bottle to shake!

Edible Bottle (5)

The real beauty of this sensory bottle became apparent as soon as we were on the go. At the grocery store, first Veronika could just enjoy playing with it, shaking it or chewing at the cap.

Edible Bottle (8).jpg

But when she got a little fussy, I unscrewed the cap and surprised her: a snack!

Edible Bottle (9)

She kept handing me the bottle over and over, asking for little puffs with sounds and gestures. I loved watching her enjoy the toy in multiple ways during our shopping trip and I may very well always keep one of these on hand from now on.

Edible Bottle (6)