Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Teddy Tea Party (8).JPG

As a follow-up to yesterday’s real (breakfast!) picnic, today Veronika and I moved the play inside with some teddy bears (and other stuffed friends).

I’ve often tried to follow a gender-neutral parenting method, and Travis and I have had our share of tea parties (sometimes with cars as guests). But I have to admit, I’m excited for moments of being a “girl mom” and imagining many tea parties with Veronika to come. Today was our first!

Teddy Tea Party (4)

Nine months old is definitely not too young to introduce imaginative play; in fact, it’s perfect timing! Your baby won’t “get” it yet, but will love imitating your motions, and the concepts will start to sink in.

First, I just laid out the tea set. Veronika was intrigued…

Teddy Tea Party (1)

I set out a cup and plate for each guest at the party. Hmm, who were these new friends?

Teddy Tea Party (2)

Then I made made a big show of pouring tea for each guest, and making sure everyone had a sip.

Teddy Tea Party (3)

Now Veronika loved it!

Teddy Tea Party (7)

Then everyone got yummy real snacks.

Teddy Tea Party (5)

(Although sometimes plates are even yummier).

Teddy Tea Party (6)
She was so happy with the whole interaction, and kept playing even after I walked away.

Teddy Tea Party (10)



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