Serve a Picnic Breakfast

Picnic Breakfast (1)

Oh the dilemmas of summer; you want your child to have plenty of sunshine and fresh air, but by late morning it’s already so oppressively hot that you retreat indoors.

Cue the picnic breakfast! Today we were outside before 7 a.m. (so early that big brother remarked he was a little chilly) to enjoy the fresh breeze, the sound of the birds, and… breakfast!

Picnic Breakfast (3)

Both kids thought this was just the best! Veronika didn’t actually eat much, but she loved sampling the puffs, teething bars, and banana slices on her plate.

Picnic Breakfast (2)

And then she loved tasting her plate!

Picnic Breakfast (4)

To add extra beauty to the moment, don’t forget to break out the bubbles.

Picnic Breakfast (5)

Then head back inside, throw the whole picnic blanket into the laundry machine for the easiest clean up ever, and rest easy that you’ve already gotten your quota of fresh air and vitamin D for the day.

Picnic Breakfast (6)


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