Y and Z!

Ziti Z (4).JPG

Travis’s 3-D models for the last two letters of the alphabet were so simple I decided to combine them into one post. First he traced the penultimate and final letter, and then made the following.

Upper case Y from three crayons:

Y and Z (3)

Lower case y from two socks; make sure to use 1 long and 1 short:

Y and Z (2)

Note: This was the first time he really noticed you need three strokes to form Y but only two to make y.


Upper case Z from three strips of paper; be sure to fold or cut all three so they are the same size:

Ziti Z (1)

This was definitely good practice to think about Z spatially, with no line to trace. He had to think hard about which direction the zigs and zags should go.

Ziti Z (2)

Finally, lower case z from pasta… ziti of course!

Ziti Z (3)

Again, he thought carefully about the directions of each line, and was finally able to line up the ziti pieces correctly. Someone is feeling just about kindergarten ready!

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