Moving Objects

Moving Objects (1)

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re on the move around here! And by that I mean first and foremost that I have a crawler. Not only is Veronika fascinated by things that move, but now she herself is on the go!

But I also realized the other day that Veronika was making a motion of vrooming a car along her mat. How quickly babies pick up on things! The timing makes sense; at this age, babies are fascinated by anything that shows cause and effect, and moving objects are the perfect example. You can cater to that fascination with moving toys.

First, I set her up with a bunch of toy cars, and simply let her vroom.

Moving Objects (7)

This is a fun time to introduce types of cars (firetrucks, school buses) even thought that’s a bit beyond comprehension.

Moving Objects (6)

Another great toy to show this movable cause-and-effect is a bead maze. Veronika has shown interest and expertise at these from a young age, and loves moving the beads over…

Moving Objects (2)


Moving Objects (4)

…and just twisting them in place.

Moving Objects (3)

So if you’re looking for a way to pass the day with your nine-month-old, get moving!


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