Bug Movie

Bug Movie (7)

Travis got to stay up extra late tonight to watch a special movie. Not one on TV… a real live bug show!

Before it got dark, we headed outside and put up two sticks (actually, a stick and one toy microphone stand!) and I tied a piece of string tight between them. Then we carefully draped a pillowcase over the string.

Bug Movie (1)

(Note: for a “big screen movie” version of this, tie a thicker rope between branches on two trees and use a whole sheet instead of a pillowcase).

Bug Movie (2)

As the sun set, we headed outside. Set a toy lantern at the foot of the pillowcase or sheet to illuminate it. And now sit back and wait!

Bug Movie (4)

Travis was so excited and couldn’t stop asking questions about when it would be dark enough, and if the bugs were sleeping, and what kind of bugs we might see.

Bug Movie (5)

The waiting and anticipation, honestly, were the most magical part about this activity. Travis felt so special staying up late with me, and watched the darkening sky as much as he watched our glowing lantern.

I wish I could tell you we saw something spectacular like a moth or a giant beetle against our sheet. The results were more ho hum: mosquitoes, gnats, fruit flies.

Bug Movie (9).JPG

But Travis wasn’t disappointed in the slightest! He was so thrilled with each insect that found our lamp and hummed around. We loved this activity so much we’ll definitely do it at least once more before summer is out.

Bug Movie (8)

What bugs came to your “movie”? Please share in the comments!


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