Tea Party



tea (1)

I’ve joked in the past that tea parties are very gender-neutral affairs around here – trucks and cars have been distinguished “guests” in the past!

A rainy evening gave us the perfect opportunity to host another party, and Travis had fun mapping out the whole event. He started by writing “invitations” for the guests, after I showed him an example.

tea party (1)

Next up was making sure every guest had a party hat!

tea party (3)

I asked him what we should serve, and he enthusiastically decided, “Cookies!” Since I had none on hand, peanut butter crackers made a nice substitute.

As a special treat, we used “real tea” (i.e. water) in the teapot, and Travis was very careful pouring for his guests…

tea party (2)

…and making sure everyone had a sip!

tea party (4)

I love watching his imagination at work in games like this, and am reminded that tea parties are not just for little girls. What “guests” have been invited to food parties at your house? What did you serve? Please share in the comments!

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