Make a Noise

Make a Noise (3)

Admittedly sometimes parents just want the kids to be quiet (is that even possible?) but likewise sometimes it’s great to encourage loud play. Babies and toddlers love banging things together for a reason; they reap an instant reward for their efforts, and they provide themselves with instant entertainment. You can help them get the loud out of their system with this quick-as-can-be game.

I took two of Veronika’s teacups and banged them together. That’s it! Then I handed them over.

Make a Noise (1)

She didn’t need to see it twice.

Make a Noise (2)

Soon she was tapping with glee…

Make a Noise (5)

…and occasionally eating the cups.

Make a Noise (6)

You could also play this game with two stacking cups, or any other two toys, really, but Veronika seemed to like the teacups best!

Make a Noise (4)



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