Gallant Challenge: Kindness Bracelet

Gallant Bracelet (2)

After reading this month’s Gallant profile in Highlights magazine about a young girl who sends bracelets around the world with the message to do a kind deed, Travis was inspired to make bracelets of his own!

We had a kit at home to make bead bracelets on shoelaces (which were glow-in-the-dark for added fun). Older kids might enjoy weaving friendship bracelets or something else a touch more complicated.

Gallant Bracelet (1)

As he worked, Travis brainstormed who might like to receive one of the bracelets. Perhaps a waiter at a restaurant, he decided. Or his upcoming bus driver for Kindergarten!

Gallant Bracelet (3)

And of course family members! When he finished the first one for his grandmother, he was so proud.

Gallant Bracelet (4)

He presented it to her and explained that now she could do a kind deed to pay it forward, in whatever way she chose.

Gallant Bracelet (5)

This was such a simple activity, but such a great way to get kids crafting and thinking about the chain of events that can spread good deeds in the world. Thanks Highlights!

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