Create Your Baby’s First Fort

First Fort (8)

Forts are such an iconic part of childhood – and it was about time to introduce Veronika to her first!

First Fort (1)

To make a cozy, baby-sized version, use a children’s table as the top of the fort. I draped it with blankets, and set her gently underneath. Her eyes went wide and she took to it right away!

First Fort (4)

Everything was fascinating, from the texture of the blanket “walls”, to the way the light came through the blankets, to the legs of the table.

First Fort (3)

Big brother needed to join, of course!

First Fort (7)

If there are no siblings in the house, consider inviting in a stuffed animal friend or two.

If you need an activity inside your fort, what’s better than a tea party or picnic? We added pretend food and invited Veronika to the “party.”

First Fort (6)

Cupcakes fore everyone! She was delighted with the play scenario going on around her, and the fun only ended when we needed the table for the next meal!

First Fort (5)


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