Garden Games

Garden Games (14)

A trip to a local botanical garden had us playing garden games in two ways today. First up: a scavenger hunt! The printable Garden Bingo card from Raddish Kids gave purpose to our walk along the paths and past the beautiful blooms.

Garden Games (1)

Some items we spotted right away (grass, flowers, leaves, hoses).

Garden Games (2)

Others we really had to look for, like sprinklers:

Garden Games (10)

And wheelbarrows:

Garden Games (9)

Travis got down low to spot clover:

Garden Games (5)

And dug in the dirt for worms!

Garden Games (8)

I was amazed when he spotted a rollie poly bug crossing the gravel path. I thought for sure that one would go unmarked on our sheet.

Garden Games (4)

Travis loved the hunt; near the end we had four boxes crossed off in multiple directions, but no actual Bingo. Then a watering can sealed the deal!

Garden Games (13)

Meanwhile, midway through our hunt we paused to play Bug Detective. I challenged Travis to pick an insect and observe it in close detail. He found a big fat wood ant and stopped to watch.

Garden Games (6)

We kept it in our bug jar for a short time, but then released it.

Garden Games (7)

Travis watched the ant scurry about. We hoped it would pick something up, but never did.

Later, Travis drew the ant, working from memory to make the three parts of the body and the legs. He added an arrow for the direction the ant had gone, as well as the grass it had been crawling through.

Garden Games (11)

Both of these activities really had Travis thinking about nature in new ways, and challenged him to see the garden on the macro and micro levels. What fun!

Garden Games (12)

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