Sticky Toys

Sticky Toys (4)

This cute game is a great way to test your baby’s “strength”. Veronika seemed to go wild for the slight effort involved, or perhaps just for the novelty of the way the toys were presented.

Use sticky contact paper or double-sided tape to cover part of the surface of a piece of cardboard.

Sticky Toys (2)

Arrange a few soft toys along the sticky surface and present to your little one. She immediately trotted over with interest.

Sticky Toys (3)

First Veronika seemed the most curious about the cardboard itself. She wanted to pick up the whole thing and wave it around.

Sticky Toys (5)

Then she seemed to become aware of the toys. I showed her how to lift one up – with a bit of effort – and stick it back on again. Note: You’ll notice that it helped to hold the cardboard in place for her with my feet!

Sticky Toys (6)

She was delighted when she gave a pull to ducky…

Sticky Toys (8)

…and was all grins for her big success one it was in her hands.

Sticky Toys (9)

In sum, an easy game that can entertain your baby for quite a while.

Sticky Toys (7)

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