Take a Texture Trip

Texture Trip (3)

The other day, Veronika and I took a listening trip around the house, giving her plenty of auditory sensory play. Today, it was time to take a texture trip!

As with sounds, this is one of those activities that might seem simplistic, but your baby will never know these words and sensations if you aren’t the teacher! So we paused at some obvious contrasts. Cold fridge and hard wood floor.

Texture Trip (1)

Fluffy carpet:

Texture Trip (6)

Smooth pillow:

Texture Trip (2)

Soft towels:

Texture Trip (4)

Don’t feel like your need to stick to your child’s hands, either; rubbing a fabric on a baby’s cheek or leg is a great new sensation. Here’s Veronika feeling mommy’s silky scarves.

Texture Trip (5)

We also sought out toys today with lots of texture. She especially loves elephant’s crinkly ears!

Texture Trip (7)

In sum, have fun with this, and be sure to use lots of descriptive language and find exciting contrasts around the house. What textures will you show your baby? Please share in the comments!

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