Bath Time Foam Blocks

Bath Foam (6)

Veronika is sitting so well in her tub now that it felt like time to mix things up and add a new game to our standard splashy fun.

First, I used a set of foam building blocks, normally a playroom toy, as bath toys. These were great because I could push them down under the water and show her how they instantly pop back up.

Bath Foam (1)

She got the idea right away! With each pop up, I made noises of surprise and delight, which soon had her doing the same.

Bath Foam (2)

If you want, you can also purchase foam sponge toys intended for the bath. We love the animal bath toys set from 3 Bees & Me, which comes with a handy storage bag and features everything from a tiger to a squirrel to a kangaroo. These are large enough for the littlest hands to grip, even in slippery water.

Bath Foam (3)

As with the blocks, I showed Veronika how to push them underwater and then watch them surface again.

Bath Foam (4)

Of course they found their way quickly to her mouth, too. In sum, we’re excited to play with foam in many a bath to come!

Bath Foam (5)


Feel the Wind

Feel Wind (2)

Introducing your baby to the elements is a beautiful way to foster a lifelong love of nature. Since she was born just before winter, Veronika has already felt snowflakes, and the pitter-patter of raindrops. Now that it’s warmer, there are some new sensations I’ve been excited to introduce her to!

We had a windy but warm day today, which made it a nice day to let Veronika feel the breeze without getting a chill. It’s hard to tell in the picture above, but the leaves were whipping around! As we watched the leaves dance and felt the breeze, I signed “wind” for her as well.

Next, I sat her on a blanket in the grass simply to enjoy the feel of warm sunshine on her skin (don’t forget the sunscreen and a sun hat, of course!). “Sun” is another great sign to teach your baby, as are other general weather words like “clouds”, “rain”, and “snow”.

soccer fan

Later, I removed her socks and dangled her feet in the grass for that perfect sensation of tickly grass on bare feet.

Feel Wind (1)

These sensations were just a brief intro to nature, and I can’t wait for all of Veronika’s nature firsts to come: the first leaf pile to jump in, smelling a flower, watching autumn leaves turn colors and fall. What are you looking forward to in nature with your baby? Please share in the comments!