Mini Gym

Mini Gym (8)

Whatever your baby’s latest gross motor skill milestone is, this cute gym session will have him or her giggling! It can be a Mini Rolling Gym, a Mini Sitting Gym, or a Mini Crawling Gym. The key is to get down on your baby’s level and show them the actions, which will serve both as a model and as a game!

Mini Gym (1)

Veronika is already a roller, but first for some review I lay down next to her. Well she thought this was just the greatest.

Mini Gym (2)

I rolled away from her…

Mini Gym (3)

…which soon had her rolling to me. This was a nice refresher because she’s so busy sitting up these days, she sort of forgets to roll when I put her on her back.

Our next gym session was planks (okay, tummy time). She loved having me down at elbow level with her.

Mini Gym (4)

Next I started to crawl in circles around her. This is probably the next gross motor skill that Veronika will master, since she’s currently kicking with legs and pushing up on her arms, but not quite able to put it all together yet.

Mini Gym (6)

She looked like she wanted to chase after me!

Mini Gym (10)

I then sat her up, placed a few favorite toys just out of reach, and mimed reaching for them. Soon she was copying me.

Mini Gym (9)

In short, we both got in a little workout, and lots of giggles!

Mini Gym (7)


Purr-fect Pancakes

Purr Pancakes (3)

These kitty-faced pancakes are the purr-fect way to kick off Memorial Day weekend (or any leisurely morning) to set the tone for a lazy summer ahead. After all, no one nails the art of napping quite like a cat. In sum, this fun twist on pancakes had Travis grinning.

Prepare a batch of your favorite pancakes – orĀ  heck, just use a mix!

Purr Pancakes (1)

We spread our pancakes with about 1 tablespoon maple syrup to help our fruit faces “glue” on.

Purr Pancakes (2)

Add ears, noses, mouths, eyes, and don’t forget the whiskers! Ideally we would have used blueberries for the eyes, but a certain sous-chef ate them all up.

Purr Pancakes (4)

Please share your animal face pancakes in the comments!