Purr-fect Pancakes

Purr Pancakes (3)

These kitty-faced pancakes are the purr-fect way to kick off Memorial Day weekend (or any leisurely morning) to set the tone for a lazy summer ahead. After all, no one nails the art of napping quite like a cat. In sum, this fun twist on pancakes had Travis grinning.

Prepare a batch of your favorite pancakes – or  heck, just use a mix!

Purr Pancakes (1)

We spread our pancakes with about 1 tablespoon maple syrup to help our fruit faces “glue” on.

Purr Pancakes (2)

Add ears, noses, mouths, eyes, and don’t forget the whiskers! Ideally we would have used blueberries for the eyes, but a certain sous-chef ate them all up.

Purr Pancakes (4)

Please share your animal face pancakes in the comments!



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