Humpty Dumpty Goes Round the Garden

Humpty Dumpty (2)

The actions are getting bigger when I play with Veronika and nursery rhymes! As the mash-up in this post’s title suggests, here are a couple we’ve been having fun with lately:

Humpty Dumpty (1)

First comes the classic Humpty Dumpty. For this one, I sat on the floor with my knees bent, and Veronika on my tummy.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again!

As you say the rhyme, tilt your baby off your tummy on the word “fall”. You’ll want to do this on a soft rug, or have a pillow near you. Or even try it outside in the grass!

Humpty Dumpty (3)

For the second, we did an update on Round and Round the Garden.

Round and round the garden

Like a teddy bear.

One step, two steps,

And tickle him under there!

When she was little, I would circle on Veronika’s palm. Now her whole belly gets a circle.

Round Garden (1)

Walk your fingers two big “steps” up baby’s torso.

Round Garden (2)

Then end with a tickle under the chin!

Round Garden (3)


Play with a Pile of Pennies

Pile of Pennies (9).JPG

If you’re traveling with a preschooler, look no further than the pennies in your wallet for heaps of entertainment. Travis and I had fun with a few variations on penny games over a recent weekend away!

For the first, place a plastic bowl on the floor. Challenge your child to see if they can get all the pennies in the bowl dropping them from a height.

Pile of Pennies (2)

We liked seeing how high we could go – from all the way over our head?

Pile of Pennies (1)

Travis decided it worked best from forehead height!

Pile of Pennies (3)

Next we placed a penny under a piece of paper, and traced over it to reveal Abraham Lincoln.

Pile of Pennies (4)

Get silly and add a little hat and body!

Pile of Pennies (5)

Finally, we played a guessing game: If we tossed our whole handful of pennies, would there be more heads or tails?

Pile of Pennies (6)

This was Travis’s favorite of the games. We played a few rounds and counted them up each time. If you want to be more statistcal about it, make a chart and see how many times you’re right out of 10 tosses (or more!)

Pile of Pennies (7)

How else could you play with pennies on a trip? Please share in the comments!