Play with a Pile of Pennies

Pile of Pennies (9).JPG

If you’re traveling with a preschooler, look no further than the pennies in your wallet for heaps of entertainment. Travis and I had fun with a few variations on penny games over a recent weekend away!

For the first, place a plastic bowl on the floor. Challenge your child to see if they can get all the pennies in the bowl dropping them from a height.

Pile of Pennies (2)

We liked seeing how high we could go – from all the way over our head?

Pile of Pennies (1)

Travis decided it worked best from forehead height!

Pile of Pennies (3)

Next we placed a penny under a piece of paper, and traced over it to reveal Abraham Lincoln.

Pile of Pennies (4)

Get silly and add a little hat and body!

Pile of Pennies (5)

Finally, we played a guessing game: If we tossed our whole handful of pennies, would there be more heads or tails?

Pile of Pennies (6)

This was Travis’s favorite of the games. We played a few rounds and counted them up each time. If you want to be more statistcal about it, make a chart and see how many times you’re right out of 10 tosses (or more!)

Pile of Pennies (7)

How else could you play with pennies on a trip? Please share in the comments!

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