Take Turns

Take Turns (4)

It’s never too early to demonstrate turn-taking and today I played with Veronika in a few different ways to demonstrate.

First, we sat down for some musical fun, since she’s been very into instruments lately!

Take Turns (1)

I played a drum for her and said “Mommy’s turn!” Then I pointed to her hands and removed my own. “Veronika’s turn,” I told her.

Take Turns (2)

It took her a moment but then her little hands were on the drum rubbing and tapping. You can do this with just about any toy. Next up was a rain stick: Mommy’s turn!

Take Turns (8)

Veronika’s turn!

Take Turns (9)

And then a rattle.

Take Turns (5)

You can also use this game to encourage skills that your baby will need later on, like dressing, washing, or brushing their own teeth (I wish I’d done something similar with Travis!). At bath time, I used the washcloth and again said, “Mommy’s turn.”

Take Turns (12)

Then I handed it to her. For now it might be more of a toy than for washing, but she’ll get the idea.

Take Turns (14)

The game was easy at toothbrushing time, since she already loves brushing her own tooth!

Take Turns (15)

She barely gave me a turn before she took over!

Take Turns (16)


Hot Air Balloon Muffins

Balloon Muffins (7)

Travis has had fun exploring different elements of flight lately, so we brought the theme to snacktime today! Okay, so our muffins didn’t actually fly, but now that we’ve made the recipe, I’d be curious what happens if you fill the balloons with helium!

First we made muffins from a mix (the gluten-free and vegan muffin mix from King Arthur Flour). Divide the batter evenly among muffin liners – since the liners were to be our hot air balloon “baskets,” I chose some with a fun print on them.

Balloon Muffins (1)

The sous-chef needed to lick the spatula, of course.

Balloon Muffins (2)

Bake according to package directions and let cool.

Insert 4 wooden skewers into each muffin.

Balloon Muffins (3)

Blow up balloons and tape onto the skewers with washi tape.

Balloon Muffins (5)

Let snacktime soar!

Balloon Muffins (6)

Needless to say, our balloons were not aloft for long, but Travis was wild about this project!

Balloon Muffins (8)

Fabric Parachutes

Fabric Parachute (9).JPG

It was on a Memorial Day a few years back that Travis first saw parachuters and he’s been obsessed ever since. Here’s a cute craft you can put together to take flight right at home!

Trace around a large dinner plate with felt-tipped markers on fabric; we had lightweight fabric swatches from the craft store that were perfect, and I let Travis choose his favorite pattern for the parachute.

Fabric Parachute (1)

After he traced, cutting out the circle out was a mommy step, since fabric is still tough for my preschooler’s fingers.

Fabric Parachute (2)

Note: Travis thought the fabric markers were so neat he wanted to color on the scraps after we cut out the circle!

Fabric Parachute (4)

Mark 8 dots with pen evenly spaced around the parachute. Cut pieces of thread that are about 12 inches long and and sew these to each of the 8 dots.

Fabric Parachute (5)

I let Travis have a turn with the needle and thread which made him feel so important!

Fabric Parachute (6)

Stretch the threads to a wooden bobbin and secure with masking tape. Bright green tape added a fun pop of color.

Fabric Parachute (7)

Now it’s time to launch!

Fabric Parachute (8)

The higher you stand, the better the parachute soars (more time to catch the wind). First I had Travis try climbing on top of our step ladder. It worked great, but was extremely short-lived.

Fabric Parachute (10)

So next we headed to the playground, and launched from the highest platform!

Fabric Parachute (11)