Reverse Peekaboo


Reverse Peek (6)

Today, Veronika and I mixed up our games of peekaboo. Unlike in the past, this time she played peekaboo with me!

Okay, perhaps not really, but this is a super-cute variation. First, to get her comfortable with the idea, I placed a see-through scarf over my head. Where’s mommy?

Reverse Peek (1)


Reverse Peek (5)

Now I draped the scarf loosely over her head. She looked a bit confused but delighted.

Reverse Peek (4)

Where’s Veronika? Peek-a-boo!

Reverse Peek (5)

Needless to say, we played many rounds, with different colored scarves for variation.

Reverse Peek (7)

This game was also a reminder what fun these see-through scarves are for tots. Wad it into a ball and hand it to your child, and let the fun begin!

Reverse Peek (8)


Mr. Moon

Mr. Moon (4)

This cute and dramatic game helps teach your baby about the sun and the moon. There’s a reason this pair is a staple of nursery rhymes; sun/moon and day/night are one of the first concepts your baby will notice and learn in life!

To bring the sun and moon to life, you’ll need two paper plates and craft sticks.

Mr. Moon (1)

On the first plate, I drew a sun with a nice smiling face. Use markers, watercolor markers, or any other preferred medium to color in. On the second plate, I drew a crescent moon and added a nose, mouth, and smile.

Mr. Moon (2)

Attach a craft stick to each with tape. Now have these cross the “sky” in front of your baby, alternating day and night. This was fun for Veronika just for the visual!

Mr. Moon (5)

Then I recited this cute poem as I traveled the plates in front of her:

Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon

You’re up too soon.

The Sun’s still high in the sky.

So go back to your bed, 

and cover up your head,

and wait for the day to go by.

Veronika loved reaching for the plates. She continued to play with them long after the rhyme-time was done.

Mr. Moon (7)

A great first sun and moon game!

Mr. Moon (3)