Reverse Peekaboo


Reverse Peek (6)

Today, Veronika and I mixed up our games of peekaboo. Unlike in the past, this time she played peekaboo with me!

Okay, perhaps not really, but this is a super-cute variation. First, to get her comfortable with the idea, I placed a see-through scarf over my head. Where’s mommy?

Reverse Peek (1)


Reverse Peek (5)

Now I draped the scarf loosely over her head. She looked a bit confused but delighted.

Reverse Peek (4)

Where’s Veronika? Peek-a-boo!

Reverse Peek (5)

Needless to say, we played many rounds, with different colored scarves for variation.

Reverse Peek (7)

This game was also a reminder what fun these see-through scarves are for tots. Wad it into a ball and hand it to your child, and let the fun begin!

Reverse Peek (8)


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