Take Peekaboo To a New Dimension

Peekaboo Dimension (4).JPG

A few weeks back, we introduced peekaboo; now it was time to take the game to a new level! Peekaboo never gets old for babies, but as your baby gets older, you’re going to keep want to find ways to keep it novel and entertaining.

So whereas in the past I’ve draped a see-through scarf over Veronika’s head, today, I used an opaque (but lightweight) blanket. Prop your child up and drape the blanket over his or her head.

Quickly and gently lift one corner with a big happy, “Peek-a-boo!”

Peekaboo Dimension (6)

Likely, you’ll get giggles and your little one will want you to repeat again and again.

Though to be honest, sometimes Veronika was more into the blanket itself, and the tactile feel of it over her head or in her hands.

Peekaboo Dimension (5)

Then repeat the game with a favorite toy. “Peek-a-boo,” says her pudgy little bear.

Peekaboo Dimension (1)

She eagerly awaited each reveal whenever the blanket hid the toy.

Peekaboo Dimension (3)

When it appeared again, I’d greet it with, “There’s the toy!”

Peekaboo Dimension (2)

As a reminder, there’s a purpose behind this classic. It’s one of the best and earliest ways to teach your child object permanence, so keep those peek-a-boos coming!



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