A Little Flea Went Walking (and Other Fingerplays)

Little Flea (2).JPG

Fingerplays are such a delight for babies; they provide tactile stimulation, rhyming words, sing-song voices, surprises, and more.

Today I learned a new one for Veronika, and we both loved it! The words and actions are easy as can be. Simply walk your fingers around baby’s tummy as you say:

A little flea went walking

To see what he could see

But all that he could see…

…was baby’s little tummy!

Tickle your baby on this last line of course.

Little Flea (1)

Some other favorites that we love include the following.

Circle baby’s palm as you say:

Round and round the garden with my teddy bear.

Now walk fingers up the arm:

One step, two step, tickle him under there!

End with a tickle under the chin or armpit.

You can also do the classic Old Macdonald Had a Farm. This one is more auditory, but we have a great glove that allows me to act it out.

Little Flea (5)

She loves staring at the animals, and this is great for engaging big siblings, who know the answer to each animal sound.

Little Flea (6)

Finally, we love Where is Thumbkin. If you don’t know this classic, here are the words:

Where is thumbkin, where is thumbkin?

Here I am, Here I am.

How are you today sir? Very well I thank you.

Run away, run away.

Little Flea (4)

Repeat for each finger, naming them in turn, and bring out from behind your back so the thumbs (etc.) on each hand talk to each other. I also like to rub Veronika’s finger at the beginning of each verse, so she feels her Thumbkin, Pointer, and so on.

Little Flea (3)


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