Visual Stimulation

Visual Stim (6).JPG

The counterpart to tactile stimulation is visual stimulation, and today we took ample time to appreciate Veronika’s playgym!

If you don’t have a mat like this for baby, I highly recommend one. Tactile, visual, a soft resting place when you need to get chores done, a spot for tummy time… What doesn’t a playgym do?

Ours is safari-themed, and still perfect four years after Travis used it. As babies can now see more than just black and white (think bright colors like red, green, and blue) the toys help stimulate the vision.

Visual Stim (1)

Each of the safari animals that hang on ours has a different purpose. Rhino plays a little ditty when squeezed.

Visual Stim (2)

Giraffe is crinkly, and crocodile rings like a bell.

Visual Stim (4)

The turtle doubles as a mirror for baby to see their face.

Visual Stim (3)

You can also add other toys inside, but I recommend keeping it simple, so as not to overwhelm baby. Veronika adores lying in hers.

Visual Stim (5)

What playgym do you like best? Please share in the comments!


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