Embossed Metal Coins

Embossed Coins (7)

Wrapping up some pirate fun, today Travis and I made treasure.

To make the coins, I traced two sizes of circles onto cardstock, and cut out.

Embossed Coins (1)

This project can be as involved as your patience is willing to make it. If you have the time and inclination, go ahead and make piles of coins! This is a more viable option if your kids are old enough to cut out the circles themselves. I confess we only had about 10 coins, but that was more than enough for my little pirate.

I asked Travis what image should go on the coins, and he suggested bugs.

Embossed Coins (2)

We did a large “beetle” on the bigger coins, and a dollar sign on the smaller.

Embossed Coins (3)

Go over your designs with hot glue. Once it cooled, Travis loved feeling the bumpy effect.

Embossed Coins (4)

Now wrap in foil, pressing so the image comes through.

Embossed Coins (5)

Our pictures weren’t quite as clear as we hoped, but still neat to feel.

Embossed Coins (6)

For the final step, we needed gold coins, of course. A little gold paint, some time to dry, and it was time for a treasure hunt.

Embossed Coins (9)

I hid them around for Travis to find, and he loved collecting them in a treasure chest.

Embossed Coins (10)

Even better, he loved hiding them from me!

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