Baby Aerobics

Aerobics (3).JPG

Veronika is graduating… from baby stretching to baby aerobics, that is! We changed up the exercises a little bit today. By now she’s not so curled up in a ball like a scrunchy newborn, and it’s time to show her other ways her limbs can move.

First, simply hold the hands gently and lift the arms up and down. Cup the feet and do the same with the legs.

Aerobics (1)

While holding the feet up, you can also move the legs apart and then back in together, then lower back to the floor. Veronika seemed surprised by this motion, but also seemed to enjoy it!

Aerobics (2)

Next, lift the hands, and make little circles with the arms. Repeat with the legs, holding the feet gently. As we circled the limbs, I sang Baa Baa Black Sheep to help keep her calm and soothed.

Aerobics (4)

Finally, I pedaled her legs like a bicycle game – I can’t help singing Queen’s Bicycle Race whenever I do this one!

This last is especially good for when Veronika has gas. I also lifted her legs just until her bottom was off the floor, and pushed her knees into the chest, a great way to relieve that troublesome infant gas. Do this just a few times, and you’ll be rewarded by a big baby smile.

Aerobics (5)

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