See a Children’s Play

Children's Play (1)

Last month we took Veronika to her first art museum, and today it was time for her first play! As with the museum, it’s really never too early to expose children to the sights and sounds of the theater. Although the story and plot will be lost on an infant, the ambiance, sights, and sounds won’t be.

To wit, big sibs will love attending holiday shows this time of year, so off we went off to a performance of the Happy Elf.

The show is full of bright colors, cheerful songs set to jazz music, and vivid costumes.

Children's Play (2)

To be honest, Veronika slept through a good bit of it.

But her eyes were wide and engaged when she did look around.

Children's Play (3)

Meanwhile big sibs get to have fun, so it’s a win-win morning for the whole family.


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