Visit an Art Museum

go to museum (4)

With Travis, I don’t think I really left the apartment in his first six weeks of life, except perhaps for a pediatrician’s appointment or a stroll in the park. But Veronika has already been on the go, largely just to keep up with big brother’s schedule! Instead of worrying, I’ve embraced the pace and the exposure (just be sure everyone in the family has a healthy supply of hand sanitizer close by).

To wit, today Veronika went to her first art museum. Museums are a fantastic option even for the littlest babies, because the bright colors and bold lines will catch their developing vision.

Plus, a baby photo-bombing a famous painting is just too fun. To wit, here she is stealing the scene with Van Gogh:

go to museum (2)

And Monet:

go to museum (1)

And is that a Picasso? Keep the visit short and light-hearted, and kids of all ages should have fun!

go to museum (3)


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