Ask Questions

Ask Questions

Today’s baby activity is another one more for the parents.

You think you’re going to remember all the details, new mama. You swear when a thought crosses your brain during that 4 a.m. feeding that you don’t need to write it down. But new mama (and dad!), you are tired mama (and dad!), so I will spare you the guesswork: Yes, you need to write it down.

By which I mean anything and everything, but in particular, questions for the baby’s pediatrician.

With Travis, I always went in to check-ups armed with a list of items to ask, but – needless to say – this time I find myself more frazzled. I did myself (and Veronika!) a favor by starting a list. Tack it some place you can access it easily, like up on the fridge, and add to it the moment a thought, question, or concern crosses your mind.

No question is too big or too small. Even veteran parents will have questions, since every baby is different.

Jot down the questions as they come to you, not later. You will not remember. And then don’t forget to pack the list when you head to your child’s next appointment!


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