Printable Placemat

Printable Placemat (3).JPG

With Thanksgiving just a week away, we’re thinking about all the yummy foods we plan to eat at the feast!

Each year, I make sure to emphasize the foods we can eat as a vegan family rather than those we can’t, so Travis (and soon Veronika!) don’t feel left out of the traditions. This placemat template from Parents magazine was a fun way to think about how we’ll fill our plates, giving us a a beautiful representation of abundance rather than lack.

Of course in the center goes the Tofurky roast or other main dish (we’re partial to Gardein’s stuffed turkey breasts, a special holiday treat each year!).

Printable Placemat (1)

I asked Travis what else he wanted. Soon we had pink cranberry sauce and little patches of green beans, and some yellow mashed potatoes.

He made sure to color in all the utensils and napkins as well.

And added a cup of hot cocoa!

Printable Placemat (2)

We can’t wait to celebrate with family, and you can be sure we’ll have our traditional adopted turkey certificate up on the table.

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