Name Familiar Sounds

Familiar Sounds (2)

Whenever I come across auditory activities for a baby, there’s a part of me that feels bored with the idea; I prefer activities that are craftier or cuter, I guess! But then I remember: if I don’t tell Veronika the name of a sound, who will? Everything at this age is new, including what might feel ho-hum to a grown-up.

So all that said, today Veronika and I focused on sounds. We started inside, finding familiar, noticeable noises. Some good candidates included: the tea kettle;

Familiar Sounds (5)

The laundry machine;

Familiar Sounds (1)

and running water.

Familiar Sounds (3)

She was fascinated by my phone when I programmed it to make an old-fashioned telephone ring.

Familiar Sounds (4)

Give your child time to absorb each sound, and name what it is, and some descriptive words about it.

Next, we headed outside for further exploration. The first thing we noticed was the wind rustling leaves. It was beautiful to pause and hear the whisper and whoosh together.

Familiar Sounds (6)

We also paused to hear the splash of a fountain.

Familiar Sounds (7)

My girl was listening intently!

Familiar Sounds (8)

Other sounds included barking dogs, footsteps, and chirping birds. She got to hear several modes of transportation, including cars and a train roaring by.

Familiar Sounds (10)

There was even a helicopter making noise overhead.

Familiar Sounds (9)

What else did you hear on your exploration? Please share in the comments!


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