Hands Day

Hands Day (4)

One fun exercise to do with your baby is to pick a body part and devote the day to it. So today, it was all about hands for me and Veronika!

To start, I sang nursery rhymes that prominently feature hands. Examples include Where is Thumbkin or If You’re Happy and You Know It.

Hands Day (1)

For the latter, I changed the words so all the versus applied to hands: if you’re happy wiggle your fingers; shake your hands; etc.

Hands Day (3)

Next we read books that featured hands. There are lots of great body parts books for babies, so turn to the relevant pages and focus on those.

Hands Day (7)

I pointed to the hands of the people in the illustrations.

Hands Day (5)

I also pointed out hands throughout the day. Mommy is cooking with her hands. Mommy is writing with her hands.

Hands Day (2)

If you have paintings around the house with hands, show baby those, too!

Hands Day (8)

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