Straws and Yarn

Straws and Yarn (8).JPG

This project is fantastic for keeping motor skills sharp in the summer break between preschool and kindergarten… and the final product easily becomes a gift for someone special, whether a graduation or a birthday!

Tie a piece of yarn to a drinking straw with a tight knot; set aside. Help your child snip straws into pieces of varying size. We used wide pastel-colored milkshake straws, and discovered that the smaller we snipped them, the more they were ilke “beads” for our necklace.

Straws and Yarn (1)

The straws could be a bit tough to snip, and Travis loved when pieces went flying!

Straws and Yarn (2)

Have your child begin threading them on to the yarn.

Straws and Yarn (5)

Travis tried a few tactics, including pushing a straw “bead” onto the yarn, or pulling the yarn up through.

Straws and Yarn (3)

I loved his patience and concentration as he worked!

Straws and Yarn (4)

Once long enough for a necklace, tie the two ends of the yarn into a secure knot.

Straws and Yarn (6)

Travis enjoyed the project so much that he insisted we make two; he didn’t want either grandmother to feel left out, so we’ll be gifting two of these!

Straws and Yarn (7)

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