Make an M

Make M (5).JPG

Travis has a hard time tracing M, so I wanted to make today’s lesson a little silly for him. After tracing, I challenged him to make an upper case M – with two pairs of paints!

He really struggled with how to form the letter off of paper.

Make M (2)

I suggested he position the pants in front of himself like a person was facing him and wearing them, but even this was tricky.

Make M (3)

We discussed the motion he makes on paper when tracing M: up, down, up down. Could he see that pattern in the pant legs? Aha!

Make M (1)

Moving on to little m, I made things simpler; I piped glue along an outline of m on construction paper and he only had to make the m by gluing down beads.

Make M (4)

We’ll be back for N soon!

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rock and Roll (5)

Veronika is so close to crawling, but her arms still aren’t quite strong enough yet to propel forward. You can build those arm muscles by placing a bolster under your baby’s belly; think of this as 8 month old tummy time!


I rolled up a beach towel tightly and positioned her with arms over it and legs behind.

Rock and Roll (2)

Now lift your baby’s legs. The weight will transfer to their arms, and hopefully he or she will “walk” the hands forward.

Rock and Roll (4)

Veronika was delighted! Mom, she seemed to say, I’m doing it!

Rock and Roll (1)

You can roll baby forwards a little ways – just make sure you are on a smooth surface, and not a carpet.

Rock and Roll (3)

After I let go of her legs, I let Veronika hang out this way for a while. She kicked her feet, and shifted her torso side to side to check out the towel, so she was still getting in quite a little workout.

Rock and Roll (6).JPG

DIY Burlap American Flags

Burlap Flags (7)

We have little American flags for Travis and Veronika to wave at tomorrow’s Fourth of July parade, but with a roll of burlap in our craft bin, we thought it would be fun to bring homemade ones along as well.

Cut burlap into little flags; these can be square, rectangular, or triangles, whatever your little crafters would like!

Burlap Flags (1)

I set out red, white, and blue paints, and Travis jumped right in.

Burlap Flags (3)

First he smeared lots of blue over his flag, but then remembered to include the other two colors from Old Glory as well. By the end, his flag was a pretty mix. Meanwhile, I made a sort of reverse-color American flag for him.

Burlap Flags (4)

Once the paint dries, hot glue onto dowels. You can leave the dowels plain, but we decided to paint those blue as well!

Burlap Flags (6)

Flowers for the Fourth

Flowers for 4th (7).JPG

Travis checked out the crafts in his July issue of Highlights just in time for the Fourth of July, with these suggested fun flowers; they make the perfect centerpiece at any picnic table or backyard barbecue or pool party for the holiday! Make as many or as few as your little crafters have patience for.

For each flower, cut out a small circle, a medium flower or star shape, and a large star shape from cardstock in red, white and blue. We traced cookie cutters, but feel free to free-hand these!

Flowers for 4th (1)

The trick for assembly is to alternate the colors of the flag.

Flowers for 4th (2)

I challenged Travis to layer our flowers so each contained all three colors, no repeats. He liked this step best!

Flowers for 4th (4)

Poke a hole through the cardstock. This step was a touch tricky; a pin worked best to pierce the thick paper but it made a very tiny hole. We carefully threaded a green pipe cleaner through and added a clear pony bead at the end. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the bead to seal.

Flowers for 4th (5)

Arrange your “flowers” in a mason jar for a patriotic presentation!

Flowers for 4th (6)