DIY Burlap American Flags

Burlap Flags (7)

We have little American flags for Travis and Veronika to wave at tomorrow’s Fourth of July parade, but with a roll of burlap in our craft bin, we thought it would be fun to bring homemade ones along as well.

Cut burlap into little flags; these can be square, rectangular, or triangles, whatever your little crafters would like!

Burlap Flags (1)

I set out red, white, and blue paints, and Travis jumped right in.

Burlap Flags (3)

First he smeared lots of blue over his flag, but then remembered to include the other two colors from Old Glory as well. By the end, his flag was a pretty mix. Meanwhile, I made a sort of reverse-color American flag for him.

Burlap Flags (4)

Once the paint dries, hot glue onto dowels. You can leave the dowels plain, but we decided to paint those blue as well!

Burlap Flags (6)

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