Take a Trip to the Playground

Trip to Playground (5)

Big brother Travis is in camp these days, and I can tell Veronika misses watching him play. So I tapped into the perfect place to go when you want a baby to be exposed to big kids in a safe environment…

The playground of course!

Trip to Playground (1)

If you’re a first time parent, don’t assume that playgrounds are just for kids who are old enough to climb the equipment. I remember taking Travis to the playground for the first time when he was about seven months old and marveling at the fact that the other kids were wearing shoes. As a first-time mom, it was something I literally hadn’t thought of for a non-walker!

I’m more of a veteran with Veronika and she’s been to the playground a few times. Favorites already include a gentle whoosh down a slide with my arms around her, or the baby bucket swings.

Trip to Playground (2)

Also look for playgrounds with a sand play area. Now that she doesn’t automatically put everything in her mouth, this is a great soft spot for an eight month old. Shovels are fantastic to wave and tap.

Trip to Playground (3)

And her head was on a swivel watching the big kids play. Suddenly she was so happy to have this built-in entertainment again as older children drove around trucks in the sand, went on the swings, and more.

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Frosty Bites

Frosty Bites (6).JPG

It’s been 90 degrees all week and Travis had fun experimenting with which frozen snacks were his favorite, an idea out of his latest Highlights magazine..

First up, we tried a few different kinds of fruit. Frozen watermelon was hard to bite into, but almost like a watermelon popsicle! That got a big thumbs up.

Frosty Bites (3)

Frozen banana got big smiles, too…

Frosty Bites (11)

…but not so much frozen grapes.

Frosty Bites (7)

Frozen non-dairy yogurt and frozen pudding were too hard straight from the freezer, harder than ice cream, and needed time to thaw before he could dig in. Neither was declared a winner.

Frosty Bites (1)

Frozen applesauce got laughs because as it thawed enough to come out of the tube at the top, it kept squirting us!

His favorites? Frozen chocolate bars…

Frosty Bites (9)

…and frozen Dandies mini marshmallows – these he could eat like sweet little frozen chips out of the bag!

Frosty Bites (alt

What does your child like to eat as a frozen snack on a hot summer afternoon? Please share in the comments!

Frosty Bites (8)

Quarter Q


Quarter Q (5).JPG

Travis is back to tracing a latter of the day after a brief hiatus, and today he tackled Q.

After tracing, I dumped out a big pile of quarters. I was impressed with how readily he could see how to form both the upper and lower case versions of the letter.

Quarter Q (1)

A big circle for Q got an extra line at the bottom.

Quarter Q (2)

A little circle for q had a line that arched down, and then he correctly identified which direction it needed to hook at the bottom – a key skill to avoid mixing up q and g!

Quarter Q (4)

Quite well done!

Quarter Q (3)