Flowers for the Fourth

Flowers for 4th (7).JPG

Travis checked out the crafts in his July issue of Highlights just in time for the Fourth of July, with these suggested fun flowers; they make the perfect centerpiece at any picnic table or backyard barbecue or pool party for the holiday! Make as many or as few as your little crafters have patience for.

For each flower, cut out a small circle, a medium flower or star shape, and a large star shape from cardstock in red, white and blue. We traced cookie cutters, but feel free to free-hand these!

Flowers for 4th (1)

The trick for assembly is to alternate the colors of the flag.

Flowers for 4th (2)

I challenged Travis to layer our flowers so each contained all three colors, no repeats. He liked this step best!

Flowers for 4th (4)

Poke a hole through the cardstock. This step was a touch tricky; a pin worked best to pierce the thick paper but it made a very tiny hole. We carefully threaded a green pipe cleaner through and added a clear pony bead at the end. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the bead to seal.

Flowers for 4th (5)

Arrange your “flowers” in a mason jar for a patriotic presentation!

Flowers for 4th (6)

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