Make an M

Make M (5).JPG

Travis has a hard time tracing M, so I wanted to make today’s lesson a little silly for him. After tracing, I challenged him to make an upper case M – with two pairs of paints!

He really struggled with how to form the letter off of paper.

Make M (2)

I suggested he position the pants in front of himself like a person was facing him and wearing them, but even this was tricky.

Make M (3)

We discussed the motion he makes on paper when tracing M: up, down, up down. Could he see that pattern in the pant legs? Aha!

Make M (1)

Moving on to little m, I made things simpler; I piped glue along an outline of m on construction paper and he only had to make the m by gluing down beads.

Make M (4)

We’ll be back for N soon!

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