Hide and Seek (2)

Forget peek-a-boo, Veronika is old enough now for her first version of hide-and-seek! We enlisted big brother Travis’s help for this one, an eager participant.

He thought it was hilarious to trot out of sight. Veronika follows him like a puppy, so I knew she would follow once he disappeared from sight.

Hide and Seek (1)

As added incentive, have the older child call out (Veronika’s not yet sophisticated enough for real finding). When she “found” him, he yelled “peekaboo!” and they both erupted in laughter.

Hide and Seek (3)

They both wanted to play this over and over!

Hide and Seek (4)

Where’s Travis?

Hide and Seek (5)


Hide and Seek (6)

If you don’t have an older sibling (or just want to repeat the game while playing with baby solo), then a doll or teddy bear can be your hider.

Hide and Seek (7)

Can Veronika find dolly? She sure can.

Hide and Seek (8)

This time, I supplied the hearty, “Peek-a-boo!”

Hide and Seek( 9)

A super-cute round of hide-and-seek.

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