Outdoor Peekaboo

Outdoor Peeka (1)

Parents, let’s not forget the original purpose of peekaboo: to help a child remember that even when you disappear for a moment, you always come back! So here’s a fun outdoor variation on the game, in case you’re tired of hiding your face behind your hands at home.

While in the park, I first hid my face behind a big straw sunhat.

Outdoor Peeka (2)

Peekaboo! Veronika was immediately delighted.

Outdoor Peeka (3)

After a few rounds like this, I knelt down beside a picnic bench. I stayed where she could just see the tip of my head and she leaned forward eagerly from her stroller.

Outdoor Peeka (4)

Peekaboo! This was rewarded with huge smiles.

Outdoor Peeka (5)

She liked our final version best of all. I went behind the trunk of a nearby tree. Say peekaboo first from one side…

Outdoor Peeka (6)

…then the other.

Outdoor Peeka (7)

It was so fun to see her delight! Veronika loved guessing which side I would pop out from next. In sum, this easy game will take your next park stroll to the next level, for parent and baby both. You can try lots of variations, too, popping out from an umbrella, a playground slide, etc.

Outdoor Peeka (8)

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