Hooray for Helpers

Hooray Helpers (4)

The Gallant challenge in Travis’s Highlights magazine this month was about thanking community helpers, the people who make a community run smoothly and safely. The magazine offered several ways to thank these helpers, but Travis had already done many of these activities! We’ve thanked librarians, brought brownies to our local fire station, and given cards to the mailman.

So for something new, he chose to honor the construction workers in town! The town happens to have a big project laying new pipe along an entire road, and we see the workers out in the hot sun every day. So I knew water would go a long way.

At breakfast, Travis put together a thank you card.

Hooray Helpers (1)

I was so proud of him writing the words himself, then a drawing two construction workers beneath a hot sun. On the inside, I penned a more proper “thank you for all you do,” signed Travis age 5.

Hooray Helpers (2)

Our original intent was to leave the water while the crew was at work, but it turns out the timing was always at odds with Travis’s camp hours. So we left the water where we were sure they’d see it the next morning, along with the note and cups.

Hooray Helpers (5)

This was a great way to get Travis thinking about those who do the hard work in a town and to give back.

Hooray Helpers (3)

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