Picnic Scene Craft Challenge

Picnic Challenge (6)

Travis loves the open-ended craft challenge he finds in his Highlights magazine every month, having crafted robots and camping tents in the past, among others. Today, we wanted to make a picnic scene using nothing more than colored paper, cotton balls, and paint.

I loved the little method that Travis came up with. First he needed a paper base, and he chose green grass. We glued down a separate square of colored paper for the blanket.

Everything else in the little scene was made of cotton balls, which he dipped into paint and then glued on!

Picnic Challenge (1)

It definitely was a five-year-old’s take on a challenge for kids as big as age 12, but I loved watching his process. There was green cotton ball grass:

Picnic Challenge (3)

Orange cotton ball food:

Picnic Challenge (2)

And pink cotton ball people! He then made some black cotton ball ants.

Picnic Challenge (4)

He loved carefully pouring the paint onto each cotton ball before gluing them down, and enjoyed it so much that he wanted to make a second version. This time his pink person dined on yellow lemonade.

Picnic Challenge (5)

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